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Trouble Shooting & Operational Tips for the Mark IV Ice Painter

Before starting up the Mark IV

– check oil level in crank case
– fill gas tank with fresh gas

Care of Pump

DO NOT start the motor and run the system without having water in the centrifugal pump.  Doing so can burn out the pump.  The best way to charge the pump is:
– Fill the tank to a level that is above the inlet line to the pump; approximately 3/4 full.
– Crack the quick disconnect line leading to the pump to allow air that is in the line to bleed off until the line is fully charged with water.  This will allow the pump to charge.  You will be able to see if the pump is functioning when the engine is running by seeing water moving in the tank through the agitating system or by opening the valve on the side wand (make sure the wand is pointed into the tank)

Trouble Shooting

Nozzles are dripping when spray boom is shut off…. – This is caused from paint residue buildup on the pressure relief diaphragm on the spray nozzle.  Remove the cap at the back side of the nozzle and remove the diaphragm, clean with water and replace.

Self propelled unit in drive is not fully engaging…. – Over time the control cable can stretch and you may have to shorten the cable.

End of Season Maintenance

Remove all nozzles and diaphragms, clean with water and reinstall.Cold storage below freezing….Remove drain bung from pump.  Blow all lines with compressed air.

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